For orders made on Oxyextensions.co.uk a period of 14 days applies from the time the order is in your possession. Within this period you may assess your product. If you are not satisfied with the item, you can return it.

Our return terms:

Like all hair extension retailers, we adhere to strict return terms. Every returned product is assessed as to whether we can accept the item. To avoid disappointment you should read the following clear terms of return:
  • The term of notice is 14 days
  • The product must be returned in its original packaging
  • Returned extensions should have the gold elastic bands still in place
  • You can make sure that the extensions meet the return conditions by carefully removing them from the plastic case after receipt, to check the length and colour. Should your extensions not be suitable, you can then place them back into the packaging for returning.
  • The item must be returned in its original condition and be properly packed. It is the responsibility of the customer that the return shipment is offered to us in good order.
PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility as a customer to send your returned item in good order. Therefore, you should keep the shipping voucher and track and trace code until we have received your return. You should request this service from your shipping service or your local mail agency. In case of a possible loss of your returned package, we will always ask for your track and trace code. Items that are sent but not received that weren’t sent via track and trace will not be eligible for refund or exchange.DOWNLOAD THE RETURN FORM Extensions can be exchanged for a different colour when they meet the return terms. Should you not be able to find the right colour we’ll refund the amount within 7 working days.


If you wish to trade your item for a different colour, please indicate this on the return form. If you submitted your return more than two weeks ago, and your return still hasn’t been processed and your balance credited, please contact us..